Who is Biobag?

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We are in the market of creating environmental behaviour and impact.

Biobag comes from a profound driving force to do better, as soon as we know better.

Biobag provides tools that make existing habits and ­behaviour beneficial to the environment without ­comprehensive transformation.

Biobag fights to create actual behaviour with the biggest environmental impact possible.


In the EU alone, 60-70% of our farmland is considered to be unhealthy. We need healthy farmland to be able to grow crops, fruits, and vegetables to feed the human population. With the rate at which we exploit it, pollute it, and take away from it today - without giving anything back - it’s not looking very good for soil health on this planet.

Surprisingly, organic waste like left-over food, vegetable skins, fruit peels, etc. is one of the top-5 threats to global warming. It seems odd because it is the most natural waste humans produce, yet the mere amount and ways we manage it after it becomes waste, is what causes the problem.

The Numbers

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of global consumers worry about climate change

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of waste is produced per year by humankind

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Methane gas CH4 that comes from food waste is 28 times as dangerous as CO2

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of global consumers wants help to make a difference but struggle to figure out what and how